17 Feb

Welcome to my blog!  My friends have been listening to my dating stories for years now and they’re always telling me I should really start writing them down and share them with more people!  So here I am.

The dating world surely has its ups and downs.  Dating isn’t like what it was for previous generations.  Technology has added an entire new element of dating.  It brings good and bad with it.  There are a whole host of new rules and dos and don’ts that come with this new technology era.  It’s no longer as simple as guy asks girl, girl says yes, and they go out to dinner and live happily ever after.  Most people don’t even feel comfortable starting conversations with each other live.  They have to start the conversation with someone online.  I guess the risk of rejection feels better if you’re hiding behind a computer screen than directly to your face.  This comes with trusting that everything someone posts online is totally true.  You have to feel a connection via email instead of just that initial attraction and catch of their smile across the room.

Then there is Facebook.  When is it appropriate to “friend” that person on Facebook?  More importantly, what does it mean?  Does it mean that we just know each other or that he wants to be more than just friends and is allowing me access to his social world?

Forget just worrying about the 3 day calling rule.  We now have to figure out the texting rules.  If he texts me after 9pm to hang out is he serious about me or is this just a booty call?  Do we judge grammar on texting?  If he takes a while to text does it mean he’s really that busy?  Afterall, it only takes a few seconds to send a text…  Or does it mean he really just is busy at the moment?

Technology has brought the instant world to dating.  If we don’t have an instant response, we conclude that is a bad thing.  This holds true for online dating as well as meeting someone at a bar.  In my grandparents’ time, they could have gone days without hearing from each other and even weeks in between dates.  These days we automatically start over analyzing and feel that’s a big turn off if we don’t hear immediately.  So is that the right way to think now with all of this technology?  Or do we need to find a way to bring patience back to dating despite this new world of instant gratification?

I hope to share my dating ups and downs with you in this blog.  I hope you can get a laugh from them, relate to them, or maybe learn from them along with me.

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see where this dating journey takes us!  🙂